is a project of the associative members International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA) and the scientific member
SLF/WSL Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research.
The International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA) is in collaboration with The project has been initiated by Manuel Genswein based on the prototype case of the workgroup “Best Practice in Avalanche Rescue”.

General Values of (MS.i)

  1. All partners value the freedom of practice.
    • MS.i does not seek to establish formal regulations on best practices in mountain safety.
    • MS.i content will respect cultural diversity* and refer to recommendations of MS.i member organizations.
      *Similar approaches (techniques, methods, systems) exist for the same purpose due to historic and cultural reasons. MS.i explicitly allows the co-existence of similar approaches as long as a solution provides a comparable level of efficiency, safety and user error tolerance.

  2. MS.i is a non-commercial organization, acting in the general public interest as a non-profit organization, to provide up to date, peer reviewed information on best practice in mountain safety from experts in the field.

  3. MS.i is a self-sustaining entity, working in collaboration with other organizations to provide practical and useful information for use in the mountains.

Institutional Setup and Governance

  1. MS.i shall be established as a non-profit association governed by the provisions of the Swiss Civil Code (such as are UIAA, IFMGA).

  2. MS.i Membership is limited to organizations and scientific institutions with global impact in mountain safety.

  3. MS.i will exclusively be governed by the MS.i members. Potential associative and scientific members are organizations and institutes like UIAA, IFMGA, SLF and others within the above defined scope.

Organization and Participation in Workgroups

  1. MS.i content will be elaborated by working groups. For each topic to be covered one working group will be established; each group will include experts of MS.i members as well as additional subject matter experts.

  2. Working group members are selected based on appropriate representation and qualifications.
    • Each MS.i member may nominate an expert in the respective field who fulfills the prerequisites so that each MS.i member can contribute in a timely and pro-active approach.

  3. Proposal and Initiative Right

  4. Anybody has the right to propose a topic for discussion or make a specific suggestion on content by written proposal to a MS.i working group.


The main MS.i objectives are:

  1. Develop an international knowledgebase containing best practice in mountain safety.

  2. Take advantage of existing knowhow.

  3. Include existing and further develop content based on evidence.

  4. Promote standardization across user groups and application cases.

  5. Provide the data in as many languages as possible using standardized terminology.

  6. Respect intellectual property rights in all use of data.

  7. Support a sustainable future development of the knowledge.

Access to the Knowledgebase of

  1. Access to the data is based on a yearly subscription model and on a volume based license model, depending on type of use of the data.

  2. Fair pricing is ensured by including the number of users in an organization as well as the GDP of the respective country.

  3. Fees are used for author's compensation, workgroup expenses, operational costs of MS.i and in particular for future development of its content.

  4. Users can freely choose based on their requirements which content of the MS.i knowledgebase they want to use.


Example of MS.i content


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